Why Outsourcing Board Game Manufacturing and Printing
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Outsourcing in general has gotten a bad reputation. When it comes to outsourcing board game manufacturing and printing, Lisa Yang, of BoDa Board Game, said the tide has shifted. Wang, who serves as the organization's Vice President, stated that some  companies, such as BoDa Board Game Co., Ltd. in China, have top-tiered global strategies. Located in the Zhejiang Province, the company expanded in 2008 and set up a U.S. Office in California.

As Yang explained, a company that has satisfactorily fulfilled orders and shipped them directly to buyers all over the globe deserves to be given continued opportunities to perform. 

She shared that companies such as BoDa Board Game place heavy focus on design. They are the name behind such games as Clue. Anyone familiar with the game will know that the box contains chipboard airplanes, a dice tower,  paper cards, playing mats, tokens, case files, a deck of playing cards, a notebook pad, dice, rules, and other components. It's hard not to mention the box itself; which is a colorful Lid & Base shaped box. All of these parts can be produced and shipped to suppliers directly from this manufacturer. As Yang pointed out, this is because they have incredible assets under their roof; such as die cut machines, wire-o hole punching machines, UV machines, 2-color printing machines, 4-color printing machines and other exceptional production equipment that helps them fulfill their orders. They also boast more than 200 highly trained and capable employees.

Game publishers have various needs, and they can't afford to only get some of their needs met. Yang mentioned that many publishers have found that experience and an exceptional fulfillment record triumphs over locality. She said they elect a company like BoDa Board Game because they are tried and true. She shared that companies have reported to her that they are reluctant to use other print sources because they've found that many can't focus on design, or they can't produce the various accessories needed for one product without requiring a comprehensive purchase source from different suppliers. She said many tell her that newer companies have to do a smaller volume before getting successful – and they can't afford to deal with such a learning curve.

As she explained it, the delay in getting up to speed with a non-outsourced company spells loss revenue for game publishers, so they stick with outsourcing for their board games, puzzles, education kits, activity kits, and more. At this expansive company, game publishers are able to obtain samples, mock-ups, mass production and excellent post-sale advantages that they just can't overlook. In essence, they report that a shift from outsourcing would force them to make sacrifices that go against their best interests, negatively impact their bottom line, and almost make them recant their business and marketing plans for success in the market.

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