What are the barriers to outsourcing board game manufacturing in China?
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Some of the worst barriers to outsourcing board game manufacturing in China are in people's heads. Lisa Yang, Vice President of BD Board Game indicated that people have this idea that shipping and other fulfillment issues will keep them from receiving their projects from overseas manufacturers in a timely fashion. She shared their record of efficiently delivering completed projects at or under the deadline.

She issued a reminder that the 21st Century brings so much ease in doing business in the global marketplace. “Time and again we've delivered our first shipment to a new company, and they marvel at our capacity to provide excellent quality board game projects that are carefully packed. Our customer retention is remarkable,” she added. She also stated that they keep track of customer concerns and get them taken care of through their efficient pipeline. “With wireless service, the internet and other technology, we are able to provide after delivery service to clients. We don't abandon them when the order is fulfilled, because we don't considered it as a fulfilled order as long as the customer needs support on the project. We don't put a deadline on service after the sale either,” she said.

Yang also mentioned that many board game publishers are concerned with whether they can get everything they need from one overseas manufacturer. She said when they sit down at the drawing board and realize that they will need a solid playing board, dice, special tokens, a lid and base box, playing money, laminated playing cards and other components, they automatically think they will have to go to multiple providers to get the complete components. She said many clients can't tour the BD facilities in China, so they have to provide virtual tours and show what a vast array of game making equipment they have all under one roof. “Outsourcing does not have to be scattered, we are a one-stop-shop for board game publishers,” she said.

“Language is not a barrier, but some people think it will be,” she shared. She said they have numerous bilingual representatives and employees at her company. “Customers don't have to know Chinese, because so many of our people know English almost as well as they know their native Chinese,” she explained.

She said customers are always concerned with whether large orders can be reasonably handled across the sea. “We have the capacity to fulfill humongous orders,” she advised. She said even during their busiest seasons, such as the Holidays, do not deter them from taking care of large orders with strict deadlines. “Once Christmas is gone, it's gone. We can't make up to anyone for not getting their order out on time; so we make sure that we can meet deadlines before we make a contract with a local or overseas customer,” she stated.

Mentioning their streamlined process, she said she knows that factories sometimes get bad reputations for not using the best motion and proximity rules when developing their assembly and shipping lines. “We are all about process optimization and we are continually improving our processes. We have quality control at critical points, and we don't waste motions, actions or our customer's money,” she said.

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