Restrict Quality System 


BoDa focuses on quality as soul of our company. We strictly control quality in the whole production process, and we strictly implement ISO Quality Standard.

Please do not hesitate to email us to ask any questions regarding our QC control panel for your board box.

In general, we guarantee our quality of production mainly via the following four steps:

1. CTP Double Checking


A Blue print check will be done to make sure CTP output is correct.  Ensure that no text is lost or broken, and secure enough space for bleeding, trimming, spine, etc.

2. Sheet Check After Printing


We set up stable, controllable inspection standard. We conduct a 100% inspection after printing to ensure each sheet is correct. This step can avoid defective sheet being carried into the next step.


3. Post Press Check


Our QC team engages and inspects the quality as early stage as post press, guaranteeing absence of any potential quality issue during post press process.

4. Final Check Before Packaging


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